Terms and Conditions

Quality Matters

Return Postage & Packaging

We provide free postage for the return of the DVD/USB only and only hold responsibility for your tapes once we receive them. We do NOT hold responsibility for tapes you have sent that have been lot or damaged in the post. Which is why we recommend the customer to send your tapes with first class recorded or special delivery. 

  • Royal Mail Recorded Signed for Delivery.
  • Secured packaging.
  • Will post 1-3 working days after receiving your payment.

How do we calculate 1 tape?

  • If your order contains any minutes more than 120 minutes (2 hours) of video then we count anything extra as an additional tape.

How many hours onto one DVD?
By default we transfer up to 2 hours onto one DVD, e.g.:

  1. a 1 hour and a half tape and half hour tape will go onto one DVD
  2. 1 hour and a half DVD and a 1 hour long tape onto another DVD
  3. Some requests may have additional cost.
  4. We will do our best to keep your order organised and efficient.

Our DVD/CD playback

To provide you a faultless service we double check all transferred orders. Your transferred media to DVD will be playable on all DVD-R players unless they are old equipment. With some DVD players you need to find & press the “menu” on your remote control. Most new computers are able to play CD-R/DVD-R discs, if not download and install VLC Media Player, it should fix the codec & play them all unless your computer needs a proper maintenance.

Tape/Film Repair/Restoration

We do not currently offer repairs and advise that you make sure your tapes don’t show any clear signs of being damaged i.e a snapped tape or excessive and clear visible mould.

Please take care to pack your tapes and hard drives carefully when posting them. Try to pack them securely so they can’t rattle about, and ideally use bubble wrap to pad the package. EasyVHS can not be held responsible for any damage to your tapes or harddrives that happens before they get to us.

Some tapes might be too damaged to play as a result of poor storage or mistreatment over their lifetime. We will do our best to transfer every tape we receive, but if a tape is so badly degraded that it won’t play, or breaks, we can’t be held responsible. The cost of the transfer will be refunded to you.

All our DVDs come without copy-protection, so you are free to duplicate or rip them yourself – it’s your footage after all. But we are happy to make duplicates of your DVDs if requested as part of the initial order.

Unwanted video footages

Your privacy is our top priority, please note that we do not share whats stored on your tapes with any third parties. Your tapes will be rewinded automatically and transferred from start to end, any blank parts will be edited out. 

Accepted Payment Methods:

Cash Only (for local Bristol customers), Bank Transfer (direct online payment from your online banking account), PayPal (Debit/Credit Card) No Cheques.

Return items

If there were any problem with our services, you have 14 days to report for replacement/correction at no extra cost otherwise you will be charged for the full service, (If you need extra days please give us a call). If after diagnosing your returned item it appears to be fine then you will be liable for diagnostic or any other costs.


We will try our best to help you through your order and make sure you are happy with our service.

You may cancel your order taking the following term into account:

  • If your order is not processed: all discounts will be removed and you will only incur P&P (if applicable)
  • If your order has been completed: you must pay the total cost of your order and P&P charges if applies, which means there would be no refund if applicable, (you are still entitled to receive your full discount if applies).

Lost or Stolen:

We do our best to protect your order until whenever you collect/receive them however all orders must be paid and collected during 14 days from the date of completion unless mentioned otherwise. Please note that after this period we do not hold any responsibility for any loss or stolen items*.

Items: your belongings left with us. e.g.: Tapes.

Disposal/Late Payment:

Your order/belongings will NOT be disposed/recycled unless mentioned or left under the below condition:

  • We try to keep your order/belongings as much as we can however in order to give a better service to our customers the management reserve the right to remove all discounts after TWO months and dispose of any orders left for more than THREE months with no cleared payment and/or collection/delivery arrangement without prior notice and we do not hold any responsibility. There would be a daily storage fee if we agree to keep your order after 3 months.

Legal Notice

We may change these terms at any time without notice by updating the terms shown on this website. It is your responsibility to review the website terms each time you enter the website to ensure you are aware of our latest terms and conditions.
We DO NOT digitise/copy any copy protected tapes, unless a license is presented, the company has been closed or they are from one of the companies below:
Kids Club, Wizard Productions Ltd.