Please find our frequently asked questions here. If your question is not listed below please don’t hesitate to contact us here. 

The contents of all your material is kept strictly confidential. At no time will any contents or material be disclosed to a third party. All video files are wiped clean from my equipment after 2 months.

Please do not send tapes that are clearly broken or have clear visible mould. We do not currently offer repairs and so, we won’t be able to do anything with tapes such as these.

Pricing & Bulk Discounts

We charge per tape rather than an hourly rate to make the price fairer for you.

The cost to transfer a single tape that’s under 1 hour and 30 minutes in length to DVD is £17.99 and £18.99 for USB. This Price remains the same on up to 8 tapes. 

However If you provide over 8 tapes each additional tape after the initial 8 will be charged at £9.99. (this bulk discount is included for both DVD and USB transfers).



Postage and Liability

We provide free postage for the return of the DVD/USB only and only hold responsibility for your tapes once we receive them.

We do understand the sentimental value of your tapes however we can’t be held responsible for packages lost or damaged in the post, so we strongly suggest that you send your tapes by recorded or special delivery.

Preferably you can also drop off your tapes at our office if you’re local to Bristol.

How long does delivery take?

As this is a transfer service, the time it takes to complete your order will depend on the duration of the tapes themselves, plus the additional time it takes to transfer them to DVD/USB. E.g If you are to send 60 hours worth of tapes, the job will take 60 hours to complete plus the extra time to transfer to DVD.

However most jobs can be completed in 7-10 days maximum. If you need a tape transferred urgently for a birthday or an event please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try to get the job done faster.

Can you collect my tapes?

If you’re local to the city of Bristol then we can offer collection on select days in the week or weekend, give us a call or contact us on our web form to arrange. 

Does the transfer improve the quality of the tape?

We use high quality equipment to ensure that your tapes are transferred correctly.  However please be aware transferring from VHS tape to DVD/USB doesn’t improve on the original quality of your tapes. E.g. If your tapes are in poor condition and have playback issues, these will also be apparent on the DVD/USB as well.

Will the DVD be edited?

We do edit the DVD’s so all blank segments of your VHS tapes are removed. Your DVD will be playable on all forms of modern media such as PCs, laptops and of course DVD players so you can share it with family and friends with no issue.

However to keep costs down artwork or menus are not provided at this time. A case will be provided for the DVD to safe keep it safe and secure.

Do you provide the USB stick or must I provide my own?

If you choose to have your media transferred to USB this will include a USB stick provided by us at no extra cost if your tapes are under 1.5 hours in length.

However if they’re over 1.5 hours they’ll be an additional charge of £4.50 for every extra hour.

Alternatively you can send your own USB stick with your video tapes, though be sure to let us know that you plan to do this when you contact us.

I'm not too sure about the sort of tape I have, can you help?

Every tape should have a logo or some type of branding to help you identify what sort of tape you have. However, if you’re unsure please contact us and send a photo of your tape so we can help you identify it.

Can you transfer commercial content?

We are unable to transfer commercial VHS tapes such as movies, tv shows and adult nature videos,.

Tapes such as party, wedding, school plays and holiday videos are not subject to copyright and can be transferred without issue.

The service we provide is for home video tapes, please do not send feature films, TV shows or adult material they are protected by copyright law and cannot be transferred.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept bank transfer and Paypal.

Do you convert film reels?

We don’t currently offer this service at this time. For the time being the service we offer is home video tapes of various types to DVD and USB.

What type of tapes do you convert?

We currently do transfers for the following types of video tapes: VHS, VHS-C, and miniDV.

The reason our address is not on the site?

To save ourselves the trouble of having unannounced tapes we’d prefer it if you contact us before you send us yours tapes and then we’ll send you the full postal details.